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Hello, I am web developer

I am a veteran of the U.S. Army with tours of duty that included Korea, Iraq, and Kuwait. I loved serving in the Army. It is where I learned how to interact, work, and cultivate relationships with people from all types of backgrounds that went beyond just geography. Part of my training included leadership courses that taught me how to not only work within a team, but to also lead that team. These skills made me very effective at working within a group while also accomplishing individual tasks and goals.

I am currently transitioning into a new career as a full stack .NET developer. I have experience with DevOps as well as Software Quality testing which included writing test cases. I am passionate about programming, and enjoy the feeling of developing code that improves a larger projects functionality or performance. I appreciate the fact that my education will never be complete. There are always new skills to learn and master, and software development technologies change at a breakneck pace. I look forward to being a lifelong learner in a field that rewards self-improvement and versatility.

Name James Carter
Date of birth July 28, 1977
Address Blue Springs, MO
Phone 1 (785) 760-1067

What I’m doing

Web design